Testimonials from the community

"As my time at this gym comes to a close I’d like to thank all of you for teaching me not just how to box, but to mature as a person. Whether it’s through workouts, drills, or sparring, I’ve learned lessons that extend far beyond the art of boxing. The numerous successes and failures I experienced throughout my boxing journey taught me more than just how to box-they played an integral role in my development as a human being. From my experiences sparring, I learned the importance of tenacity, self-control, and overcoming fear. From my hours spent performing drills on bags and pads, I learned to demand excellence from myself, not just understanding. From my endless repetitions of jumping rope, running laps, and holding planks, I learned how to suffer in the present in order to build up my future. Most importantly, I discovered the satisfaction and rewards of pursuing the difficult things in life. In short, I learned to seek out the belt, not the towel. 

I have no doubt that these lessons will serve me well throughout my life. I will never forget the support and mentorship that you all have shown me by coaching me through my failures and constantly pushing me to be better. This gym has been a community of people that I’m proud to call family. It’s been an honor getting punched in the face by each and every fighter here. I’ll be sure to stop by for a visit when I’m in town from UCLA."

I wish you all the very best.
Thank you, Sijie Peng


"Anthony’s a great Muay Thai coach and the owner is amazing. Always a fun time there." Kyle King

"Muay Thai coach is awesome! Class is good for both competitive fighters and casual fighters just trying to get some fitness in. Totally recommend 🙏"Jake King

"This boxing gym is amazing. ALL of the trainers here are not only great trainers but great people."

"Sugar Boxing is awesome!! The coaches are experienced and very helpful! The staff is awesome and everyone here is like one big family! I highly recommend Sugar Boxing and it's great to support a small/local business."

"All the crew here are so awesome. They push you to work hard every workout and let you learn at your own pace. I feel super welcome every time I walk through the door and know I’m in for a killer workout. Whether weights, Muay Thai, or boxing it’s always the same feeling of accomplishment when you leave. Thanks everyone for an amazing gym experience!"

"I was visiting my in-laws in Encinitas from New York and wanted a challenging private workout - spent some time with both Dana and Anthony who put me through a grueling sweat and gave me a ton of technical coaching, something that I need a lot of help with. Will definitely be back!!
Thank you Sugar!!"
Michael Ferreira
"Great boxing classes, both cardio and technique. They also have sparring and private training. Great facilities, you will get a great workout and learn technique! Easy parking, but the lot gets crowded at peak hours. Highly recommended!!
"I agree with what everyone else has said. Trainers are knowledgeable and interact with you so much.  They have taught me so much in just 4 classes.   No matter what your level of boxing is, you'll be fine."
"I have been doing private training for the past 6 months. It has been so addicting to actually learn all the proper form and techniques of Boxing and Muay Thai, and I am in the best shape of my life!"
Thank you Sugar



"Let me start off with the best gym ever!
I have an 8 year old little girl enrolled here. The coaches and all the teen kids here treat her with such respect. I couldn’t ask for anything more from this gym. I highly recommend SUGAR BOXING for anyone who is looking for a gym for your children or teen. This is the place. I love it and kudos to all the coaches!"

"Sugar Boxing is the BEST!!!!  Our son loves it and is not in love with many sports!  He has improved so much and loves all the instructors and staff!!  He looks forward to going three times a week!!!  We are so happy with Sugar Boxing and their prices are very affordable.  He also loves working with all the other kids and has made some great friendships."

"Awesome gym! Love all their classes, it's such a great workout and the time flies by (especially with the music bumping). Friendly people, and good instructors that are always mixing up the workout and helping with proper boxing form. Happy I found this place!"